Play is actually a child's and  job this is how they make sense of the world. By providing large uninterrupted blocks of
time for play they learn  a variety of skills. Climbing up a slide is a way to develop large muscle groups of the whole
body.(gross motor skills.) Cutting with scissors involves the use of fine motor muscles. (fine motor skills). Puzzle teach
hand eye coordination,problem solving and memory skills.  Dramatic play allows children to assign role and act them out.
Sand play uses a variety of skills.  Social skills are developed when the children work together at the table fine motor
skills are developed as they learn to manipulate the accessories. Water play allows a child to learn problem solving skills
as they discover large things can
float math skills when a child discovers the concept of more and less,and also hand eye coordination while pouring the
Play is the way children learn but my program will have learning experiences incorporated into the play experiences for the children based on their
needs interests and abilities. For example if the children are interested in babies the sensory table would have dolls,soap clothes,lotions,towels  for the
children to bathe the dolls.
Language and Literacy is another area that is never to early to start a child on and everyone teaches their children their typical ABC'. I however, really
like the literacy program of Jolly Phonics and plan to use it with the children daily. The web will explain the program further detail.
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My Lil Rascal's
Day home
Why Choose Me?

I am certified by Daycare staff qualifications has a Child Development Supervisor. I have current first aid,and police clearance has
does my roommate.
I am also aware of the important part of a child's development of being able to develop a secure attachment style to their alternate
caregiver other than their parents.A child can accomplish this when they have a sensitive responsive Caregiver the child then uses
this relationship as a "Safe Base" to explore the world around them. The secure attachment style will be the building block for the
child's interpersonal relationships and self Esteem this bond is created naturally as i spend large blocks of time with your child
meeting their needs for food,rest.attention.shelter and guidance.